Key Features

Quick "prescription to dispatch" system

- Automates process of preparation for delivery.
- Minimum "manual entry" requirements.
No software installation required

- Web based, locked to chosen terminal.
Know how far each order has progressed

- Point to Point audit with barcoding.
Easy management reporting

- Suitable for independant pharmacies.

Pharmacy Automation System

The quick, easy, simple pharmaceutical software solution for your business.

PCentrum automates the tedious and time consuming task of importing patient data, recording patient history, processing prescriptions and efficiently delivering or setting prescriptions for collection. PCentrum pharmacy automation puts you in control of the management and organisation of your business.


  • Simple - easy to use with no complicated commands, settings or procedures.

  • Reliable - next to no down time ensures you can be confident the system will work when you need it to.

  • Automatic Updates - all updates happen behind the scenes without you needing to download extra content or pay extra fees.

  • Fast - no waiting around for records to update with our superfast database system.

  • Full Technical Support - our team of highly qualified technicians will deal with your questions individually and personally making sure you always get the best out of our software.

  • Affordable - making sure you get true value for money for your business.

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