What we offer

  • >   cutting edge OCR technology
  • >   Automatic generation of schedules
  • >   Easy generation of detailed reports
  • >   Latest hardware provided
  • >   Barcoding and label printing
  • >   Suitable for independent pharmacies
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Pharmacy Automation System -
Increasing productivity and improving customer service.

PCentrum is the future in automated pharmacy software solutions. Until recently such systems were limited to large pharmacy chains, but now a powerful and affordable option is available. PCentrum allows you to run your pharmacy in a modern and efficient manner, allowing you to meet the ever increasing demands of your patients and customers.

Now your pharmacy can be brought into the 21st century and have all the benefits of a larger company with our easy to use pharmacy automation software.

Our stand-alone web based system allows you to:

  • - Improve quality of service
  • - Improve working conditions for your pharmasists, technicians and drivers
  • - Increase productivity and lower costs
  • - Reduce human error and maximise resources

Designed in Collaboration with Pharmacists

Throughout the development of PCentrum, and now with the continouous growth of the system, PCentrum has worked closely with Pharmacists and it's clients to make sure it is the answer to your problems. We take all feedback from experts within the industry very seriously and always look for ways to make our system even more beneficial.


Affordable Solution

We understand that during the current difficult times, a modern system can be a luxury that is out of reach, or a risky investment. That is why we have made sure our system is exceptional value for money, and you can see almost instant returns on investing in installing it within your business. We make sure that all equipment provided is the best for the job, is reliable and causes you no down time due to performance issues. The extra time our automation software will save you, can allow you to focus on other aspects of your business, work at a higher capacity, allow you to explore new ways to increase your turnover and profitablility, or allow you more time to relax. Either way, after using PCentrum for a few weeks you will wonder how you coped before you purchased it.

Let our easy to use software help you to improve productivity and customer service. Call us now for a free demo.

Benefits of a Web Based Solution

Reduced Costs

A web based application means we have reduced support and maintenance demands, allowing us to reduce costs and pass the savings on to our clients.

Can be Accessed on Mobile

Allows the system to be used on the move. Perfect if you have delivery drivers needing to update the system on location. Keeps all details up to date and communication with staff constant.

Secure Live Data

Data is more secure as it is stored and moved around on separate data sources. The need for the user to access data and back end servers is removed.

Cross Platform Compatibility

A web based application is more compatible across platforms than installed software. It will run on most operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. All you need is a web browser such as Internet Explorer.

Special Offer

Pre-order PCentrum for your pharmacy today and save up to £500.00 on your set up fee!

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